It Can’t Change Your Life If You Don’t Use It: Putting What We Learn Into Action

Note: This is not a blog that will shame you into taking action. But if you read it, action will likely take place.

All around us there are resources, tools, strategies and life-changing actions that would get us from where we are today to a place we’d rather be, if we let them.

How often have you read a book on a topic that you’re looking to nurture and grow, feeling inspired, motivated and ready for change only to complete the book, put it back on the shelf and carry on as usual, or at minimum spend a few days or weeks “in the zone”, eventually ending back in a similar space?

It’s more common than not.

It happens with “life-changing and transformative” weekends, high-level programs and certifications. We are all in! We are immersed, feeling the expansion, ready to grow, we are growing, then all of a sudden it’s like a switch and we’re off the new track and back on the old one.

Sound familiar? Why do we get stuck so often?

If you really believe something will change your life then you also believe that if you do it your life will be chang

If you want to make the most of the information you are learning and it goes against your very nature to do so, then it will be work, you will come up against resistance and you will have to be consistent with consistency.

I’ve just used a whole list of coaching-language no-no’s telling you what to do, but if you’re still here, then you really do want to know how you can make the most of what you’ve learned. You want to do better, be better, create better and keep on growing!

I like you.

So here is what you do:

1) Acknowledge that you are not your past, you are your present that is a result of what you have done, been, thought and felt in the past.

Read that line a couple of times.

You are just made up of results. From this moment on you will also be made up of results.

2) To make any significant change you have to acknowledge that you are going against your brain’s built-in mechanisms to keep you safe.

Today you are alive. Your brain takes that information and then influences you to do what you’ve always done, because what you’ve always done has kept you alive.

Are you happy? Healthy? Wealthy? Your brain doesn’t really care. Your brain wants you to be alive.

Thank your brain, it is also allowing you to read these words right now not realizing you are learning how to trump its safety mechanisms.

You can change your brain. That’s how people change. That’s how you will change.

You now realize change is a negotiation with your brain and that your future is a result of what you are doing today. You’re still here and I want to help you really blast through your limitations and really own the life you want to create for yourself!

I’ll be honest though, I am getting nervous! I really want you to embrace the secret of change but I’m so afraid of losing you now to the truth of what it takes. But I’ll just trust if you’re ready you’ll own it and this will be that little nudge you needed to start building that momentum.

Alright, *sigh*, here it is.

To let the things you learn change your life you have to do this:

You have to let them baby! That’s it.

To get what you want you will have to do the things necessary to get what you want. There is absolutely no way around it.

Remember, we are the result of our results. We have to perform actions that result in the results we require to become the results we want to be a result of. *cough* results *cough*

Pick something and break it down to the smallest possible “next one thing” that will be a movement in the direction you want to go. Grab that book you were convinced was going to change your life, find an activity in it and do it.

Did you recently take a Certification or Course and haven’t done anything with it after you were convinced this was your “next big thing”? Get out the notes. What is the smallest possible next thing you can do to move forward on this?

Want to drink more water, eat vegetables, go for a walk? Do it! Just once. Just do it once. That’s it. Start. Then start again, throughout the day, ever day.

Some of you will have stopped reading there, the moment you were presented with doing something. That’s okay. Also common. But not you, not today, you’re still reading, so you are ready to be more than common. Nothing wrong with common. C’mon…….

If you really believe doing something will change your life then you also believe that if you do it your life will change. Maybe write that down somewhere and read it until you get into the flow of your changes and results.

Ask for help. Find mentors, leaders, coaches, those who have done what you are doing and do what they did to get to where they are. Be coachable. Hire a coach. It’s not easy changing on our own.

When I first started coaching I wanted to offer a coaching package where a client could pick the personal development book that had most resonated with them and together we would work through the book, staying on track with every tool and strategy it outlined until it truly was their new way of life. The reason I was so confident in this idea is only because I’ve seen the power of accountability work so many times to help people break old thought patterns and behaviours and set new ones.

We come into this world and shortly there after are held accountable by others. Accountable to our parents, to our teachers, to our bosses and to the rules and regulations that govern the places we live. We are told what to do and we do it. But what about all of the areas of our lives we want to change outside of those influences?

It takes serious brain power to change and it’s okay if sometimes the source of that first comes from a brain outside our own. In fact, that’s often where we need it to come from. So whether the brain is in the books, the teacher or the mentor, accept that your brain is changeable and so is your life, but you’ll have to use what you’ve learned to get there.

Please let me know what you think!

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