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Jason M. Jason M.

"In one word, I could sum up Jenna Goodhand using extraordinary. In life, we often seek the knowledge of someone through what they have learned, and not what they have experienced. Jenna Goodhand has been, and always will be learn-by-experience type human being. Whatever I have went through in my life, she has always found a way to connect with me, despite my sometimes small-niche problems. She doesn't speak from a book or Podcasts, she speaks from the heart. And with this comes a genuine, whole-hearted response and plan of action that will help you find a solution using an organic, positive and help trajectory. If not for her, my life would be the opposite of what it is now, and currently, my life is pretty great."

Jessica K. Jessica K.

"Jenna has inspired me! When I was 19 I came to university and I was cynical, disrespectful, and had little self respect. I was afraid to be too happy or show affection for fear of being hurt. I remember the day that I met Jenna and hardly knew her and after getting to know her better she taught me through example to love everything and everyone for all that’s unique and never take the smallest thing for granted. Jenna has inspired me to dance like I am the only person in the room and not care what other people think. Most importantly she has inspired me to love myself with my whole heart and follow my dreams without fearing failure."

As my business coach and mentor, Jenna helped me to feel comfortable and confident as a new business owner, by acting as a perfect listener and providing the opportunity to bounce ideas off of her. Her personal encouragement has helped me to move from feeling like a lost and amateur entrepreneur, to a confident, focused, successful business-owner. With her support and wisdom, I feel that I have the tools I need to access my inner guidance and make the right decisions for my business moving forward. Her ideal combination of life and business coaching has allowed me to not only create a business where I serve others meaningfully, but also the lifestyle that I dream of. Jenna offered the personal guidance, strategies, and accountability I needed to take consistent action and move forward, toward achieving these business and lifestyle goals. She thoughtfully connected me with others in my field, generously shared her personal business experiences, and most importantly provided me with a listening, intuitive, understanding presence that has been invaluable in bringing the ideas in my head out into the world. Jenna is the epitome of warmth, kindness, presence, and authenticity. Her passion to make the world a better, more peaceful, and healthy place is truly inspiring and her ability to connect people with similar goals is incredible. She’s the best!

Stephanie P.

Jenna’s words are always upbeat, uplifting and inspirational. They keep me positive which I sometimes find difficult because my job is to problem solve, and make others’ days go right (when sometimes things can’t be fixed).

There are days when it isn’t easy to perform. I’ve found lately on those days, Jenna has been the one that makes it better for me. And for that I wanna thank her.

Dave C. Dave C.

Jenna is one of the most compassionate and trustworthy people one could hope to meet in one’s life journey. She is always willing to lend a nonjudgemental ear to those who need it, and she is well known for going out of her way to help others however she can.

She is kindness incarnate- full of insightful and positive (yet critical) thinking. She is a muse that can and will inspires great ideas, so tap that brain if you get a chance!!

I met Jenna a couple years ago and it had nothing to do with life coaching or changing your mindset. Little did I know that this encounter would be a prime example of how people don't meet by coincidence...they meet for a reason. This past summer I was very much struggling in a failing marriage, I was a stay at home mother to three boys and I was depressed, unhappy and lonely. At the point where I was ready to give up on life I came across Jenna's Life Coaching page on Facebook. Desperate I contacted her as a last cry for help.

We met over the next few months and had coaching sessions. I knew I had to leave my marriage, but I was terrified of being a single mom with no steady employment. Jenna was able to take my situations and break them down into tiny chunks for me, so that I could tackle one issue at a time. I always felt safe to tell her ANYTHING and she never placed a judgment or said an unprofessional or unkind word to me (I've had counselors who have done nothing but say deconstructive things to me). She always made eye contact with me and it made me feel as though she felt what I was feeling. Jenna always made time for me. There were times where I needed to talk to someone immediately and she was always available (or at least she would get back to me asap to let me know when we could talk). The best way to describe myself was a hot mess basket case.

That was me 6-12 months ago. Today, I have: - a full time great paying job - my marriage ended and I'm living on my own in a great, safe, place - my boys are well (I mean no child wants their parents to separate, but they are going along ok with it and they see that each parent is happier now) - I've lost 25 lbs. - I'm completely off my anti-depressants for the first time in 6 years (this was part to leaving my stressful marriage and starting to work out and train at a local gym) - I feel the most confident in myself in years. People tell me all the time, "you're one of the strongest people I know." - I'm happy and I love who I am and where I'm going.

I can honestly say that without Jenna and her coaching I probably would still be in the same unhappy marriage and doing nothing with my life. She helped to break down my situation and help me tackle one thing at a time to get to my dreams and goals. Dreams, goals and happiness are things that everyone can have and deserve. You just need some help to get there when you're off track (because it happens). Everyone deserves to know his or her self worth.

I cannot recommend Jenna Goodhand and her coaching enough. I hope she reads this because I want her to know she changed my life. We met for a reason, "by chance", two years ago...now I know why. Thank you Jenna.

Wendy Wendy
Bethany K. Bethany K.

Jenna talks the talk AND walks the walk. She has had many trials in her life but through them she has remained positive and continued to help other people. Jenna has been supportive through my struggles with depression and has not made me feel ashamed.

She realizes that depression is an illness and fights the stigma surrounding mental health problems. Jenna works tirelessly to make the world a better place for all.


Jenna is like the best friend everyone wishes they had. Not only is she able to see the best qualities, strengths and kindness in each person she touches, she is able to help you start seeing those qualities in yourself.

For anyone who needs someone in their corner or a life coach to get them from point A to point B, she can do it. I'm so thankful our paths have crossed.

“I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jenna for the past 10 years and she has always and consistently been an anchor for positive thinking, especially during challenging situations. By being a compassionate listener, inspirational coach, and moral compass, Jenna has always brought out the best version of myself as I continue to explore life and career decisions. Her dedication to simplified living through compassion and love for all living things is truly a life-long inspiration of mine and Jenna is always leading the way and guiding others.

I've recently made the decision to undertake some major life changes including moving to a foreign city with new career opportunities and life style changes. Jenna has been coaching me through the process of developing habits of positive thinking so that I feel confident that I can handle any challenges and opportunities that come my way. I highly recommend Jenna to anyone that is facing big decisions in their life and needs someone that is a compassionate listener who can help you develop a plan to become the best version of yourself.”

Nick P. Nick P.
Tania F. Tania F.

Jenna’s unrelenting efforts to create a better place to live, her determination to help others, and all around sun shiny way about her have inspired me to be a better person on a daily basis. When I made the decision to stop eating meat in 2011, I turned to her for support and she was there to help. To this day, I am still pescatarian and progressing toward total vegetarianism.

Barry M.

I have known Jenna for about 15 years and I have watched her thrive during tough times in life and shine the most when helping others.  I have gone through some very difficult times and Jenna has always been there to support me with sensible thinking and a lot of love. Jenna’s vision to be a life coach is extraordinary for everyone!  She will inspire you and help you to understand and achieve more goals than you ever thought possible. The most important thing you will learn is how to love yourself and the small things in life. Then you will be more prepared for life’s next hurdle.

Nicole W

Very recently I got to be one of the lucky ladies to participate in Jenna Goodhand’s tv show Personal Vitality which airs on Rogers TV. I am so thankful that I got to share this opportunity with Jenna because it allowed me to bring a more positive outlook into my life. Before the show I felt very overwhelmed and did not know how I could relieve the stress I was dealing with. Once I was introduced to my challenge of Mindfulness and Meditation I knew it was definitely meant to be. I did not know what Meditation was but now I use it on a weekly basis. The challenge allowed me to believe in myself more and have a more open mind towards life’s challenges as an entrepreneur. Being on Jenna’s show helped me believe that you cannot change anyone’s opinion but your own. If I was offered the opportunity again to try a different challenge I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes right away! Her show helped me feel more grateful for the people and activities around me.

Nicole W