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The certification course exceeded my expectations and I do believe that Jenna was greatly the reason for that. Her passion and energy easily spread throughout the room and it greatly motivated and inspired me. She is a natural and I am glad that I am able to have her as my master coach.”

Emily S.

I was blown away by what was taught. The course provided excellent content partnered with extremely useful practice and feedback, allowing me to become super confident in my one-on-one coaching."

Dr. K.
Mary-Ann R.

“I just wanted to thank you for everything.  I came home from this weekend so excited and confident with all of the new tools and techniques you taught us.  I especially enjoyed how you engaged all of us and when you were asked a question you would provide an example to clarify and then have an amazing energetic answer to help us understand exactly.  You know your stuff and you owned it in a way as though you’ve been presenting for years.  It is clear that you are truly passionate about what you do!

Mary-Ann R.
Alishau Diebold

Jenna is a talented and inspiring presenter who created a safe atmosphere for experiential learning. This course provided me with invaluable tools to add to my coaching toolkit. I was blown away about the amount of content that was covered during the short 2-day course. Jenna walked us through how to use mindset techniques to alter they way our clients perceive their challenges alongside a framework for delivering coaching services. Overall, I was very pleased with the course and would recommend it to anyone interested in coaching. 

Alishau Diebold

"The course wasn't really what I expected, it was so much more. I have been surrounded with negative people for quite some time now and it was very refreshing to be in your class. Your teaching style is great as is your energy level. Thank you again. It was so wonderful meeting you."

Brian R.

This course, by far, surpassed all my expectations.  I walked away with a set of tools and motivation to not only address personal goals and ambitions of my own, but also help others to achieve their own success.  I'm 37 years old and I'm finally taking the steps necessary to fulfill my life purpose, to help others.  My life was stuck at a crossroad for some time and this course is the pivotal point of a new path that needed to be taken.

I'm looking forward to implementing these lessons, building from them and helping others achieve the same success in their own lives.  Jenna Goodhand is an amazing, authentic coach.  I wouldn't have been able to walk away from this course feeling the way that I do without her guidance.

Wendy K.

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