Authentic. Intentional. Motivating.

A Heartfelt Speaker With Practical Strategies for Real Life Success

Through Jenna's collection of keynotes, workshops and trainings, she won't just make you feel empowered and inspired to do more, she will make you want to get up out of your seat and make a difference in your life and the world immediately following your time together, or in some situations, midway through.

Known for her vulnerability and comfort in talking about real life challenges, Jenna aligns herself with audiences of all ages and backgrounds, and takes them with her on a journey to possibility, no matter where you are coming from. 



 "Jenna has a wonderful heartfelt message to share with the world. She speaks from her life experiences, sugarcoating nothing.  To hear her is very impactful and inspirational. I personally along with the rest of the audience was deeply moved by her keynote presentation.. Jenna's battles and courageous story needs to be heard more"

~ Charles Marcus,
Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author
Ranked #41: Top Motivational Speaker in The World by Hunger2Succeed



Rod MacDonald


“Jenna is an incredibly authentic speaker who captures her audience with her words as much as her charm. Her message educates as well as inspires and leaves the audience wanting more.”

Rod MacDonald Vice President canfitpro

TV Host and Community Producer



Training For Success

2 Day Certified Coach Practitioner Course

Public or In-House Training Available

Working With Your Audience - To Get The Results You Individually Need

Always Evolving. Just Like You.

  • Keynotes: Forward Is The Only Option, 3 Beliefs That Will Change Your Life, Get Out of Your Own Way And On Your Way To Where You Want to Be
  • Workshops: Time Blocking for Business or Personal Success, Map Your Way To Your Future Self (or Business), The Importance of Being Coachable and How To Embrace a Coaches Mindset, Belonging: Developing Workplace Relationships, Culture and Cohesion
  • Training:  Equip Your Staff With A Coaching Mindset (Includes Certification from the Certified Coaches Federation), A Great Business is Built on Great Relationships
  • Panel Discussions: Personal Development, Money Mindset, Owning Our Choices, Success Strategies
  • Together Can Be Better. Open to Collaboration with Other Facilitators and Speakers.

Each keynote, working and training will be catered to the audience in which it is being presented to. Please email or call Jenna to discuss what it is you want your audience to learn, feel and walk away with and she'll work her magic.

“Jenna is high energy and an incredibly fun speaker to listen to. The Motivation, the message and sincerity are prevalent every time she speaks. What I enjoy the most is how inspired I feel after her presentation. If you implement her advice, there is no telling how far you can make it in your life. Jenna believes that and I truly believe that too.”                 

Jeff Smith, President London Talbot Toastmasters

I Speak For You

Let's Talk About What You Or Your Group Need To hear

"Live the Smart Way Expo speaker, Jenna Goodhand, was a breath of fresh air. The information she presented was made in a clear and concise manner. Couple that with her bubbly and energetic personality the audience was invited to learn and be encouraged by her educational message. Jenna connects with her audience with her personal story and fever for a healthy lifestyle. She's one who imparts encouragement and support."

Joan Bongers, Audience Participant
Jamie McCabe - President

Jenna is a dynamic presenter and created a comfortable space where our team could interact and provide honest feedback. She created a personalized presentation for us by meeting with us prior to the presentation. During this time, she learned about our organization and helped us identify what personal challenges our team faced. She then worked with our staff during an interactive discussion to help us understand why these challenges existed and how we could best overcome them. The team was receptive to her advice and we’ve noticed several people adopting her suggestions post meeting.

Jamie McCabe - President McCabe Promotional Advertising