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Worried Someone Is Already Doing What You’re Doing?

Well, you can stop thinking you have to be an original, because it’s actually better the more people in your industry doing what you’re doing or want to do. Check out this quick video below:

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How to Find Clients: An Important Lesson In Language and Mindset

I hope you’re okay if I use a story to illustrate the techniques and strategies that are proven to help anyone find clients. It will only take a minute. I’ve noticed that for most people, this story really clarifies what finding clients looks like, and thereby makes the whole process of growing one’s business a…

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FB Live: Ask your Coaching Questions

Join me as I talk all things “Coaching”! Interested in becoming a coach or hiring a coach but have a gap between where you are and the next step? Send questions ahead of time or hop on the call and ask live. Click¬†Link Locate Pinned/Top Post on Event Page Click “Get Reminder” See you soon!…

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Video: Letting Go Of Personal Judgement

Judgement is all around us, but often we don’t see it or hear it but we feel it and it plays a role in all areas of our lives. Take a listen and see if this helps you to identify how you might be judging yourself. Feeling bold and ready to grow? Post your judgement…

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What message do you see in this video?

Let me know what you think the object in this video could represent? What lessons could be learned from it? How could we look at the example given and apply it to our own lives?

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A different way to think about the stains food (relationships, loss, experiences) leave behind.

Is this about food stains or something deeper? Either Or! It’s up to you! Food for thought at the very least.

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A Short: Enough For Everyone

Sometimes you see all the incredible people around you doing things you wrote down on your to-do list *gulp* years ago and you wonder “How the heck did they get that done so fast?” Be proud of them. Be supportive. Be inspired. Because coming from a place of jealousy and envy, means coming from a…

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Permission To Weep

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Who Becomes A Certified Coach?

Coaching is a lifelong passion of mine that finds its way into every area of my life. I am so grateful that I can share the knowledge of how to coach with others. Think that becoming a coach might be for you? Wondering who adds “Coaching” to their toolbox?

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Beliefs About Money: Mo Money Mo Problems?

Can you remember the first lessons you were taught about money? How did you grow up viewing money and its role in your happiness and influence on the world? Perhaps it’s time to shift your mindset around money and begin to attract it in abundance into your life.

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