About Jenna Goodhand

And Her Approach To Coaching

It may sound strange to hear, but at a young age I was gifted with unhealthy habits, failures and depression. Working my way through these challenges and owning my life choices, I have learned what it takes to learn to love oneself, find comfort in the unknown and embrace necessary change. 

Personal Vitality Coaching - Strategies For Life

Find out if we're a good fit. Here are my promises to you.

  1. To treat you as a unique individual with your own set of beliefs, experiences, and feelings; to help you achieve YOUR goals, not mine.
  2. To fit my coaching methods and techniques to you and not the other way around.
  3. To continue my education and training so that I am always providing you with the best tools and strategies.
  4. If after three sessions together you feel things aren’t improving, I will personally help you find someone who can serve you more effectively.

My Coaching Style

There are thousands of books, videos and audio recordings out there that will tell you how you can change your life and achieve your goals. I have gone through dozens of these inspiring and insightful resources, and plan to create a few of my own one day. But two things are usually missing.

If you have bought these resources in the past it is always with the best of intentions. Something inside of you says it is time to make a change and you start the ball rolling. What happens to many people is that after a few chapters or videos, no matter how much it speaks to you and your exact challenges, you fall short of what you had hoped to achieve.

Long-lasting habits and transitional change, especially with goals that have been attempted in the past, have a higher rate of success when accompanied with the ongoing interaction and follow-up of someone who knows what your goals and challenges are and can keep you motivated with positive and resourceful feedback.

As a Certified Master Coach, with training in Cognitive Reflex Conditioning, I can also explain to you how your brain works and teach you how to take control of your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours so that you too are better able to coach yourself through future challenges and objectives.

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“Jenna has inspired me! When I was 19 I came to university and I was cynical, disrespectful, and had little self respect. I was afraid to be too happy or show affection for fear of being hurt. I remember the day that I met Jenna and hardly knew her and after getting to know her better she taught me through example to love everything and everyone for all that’s unique and never take the smallest thing for granted. Jenna has inspired me to dance like I am the only person in the room and not care what other people think. Most importantly she has inspired me to love myself with my whole heart and follow my dreams without fearing failure.”

Jessica K.
Jessica K. Ontario

Sometimes all you need is an external perspective.

Let me help you define what you want and take control of your limiting beliefs.

  • Make your goals clear and concise by constructing a strategic plan to achieve them.
  • Structure healthy thoughts and beliefs to replace those that have held you back from past success.
  • Develop tactics and strategies that will put you in control of your emotions and attitudes concerning your everyday experiences and opportunities.
  • Gain a deep love and appreciation for yourself through self-reflection practices and confidence-building assignments.